The Filterfab range of Dissolvos help
meet duty of care guidelines by ensuring
the safe isolation, transportation and
disinfection of foul and infected linen.
Filterfab Dissolvos have a higher resistance
to moisture and dampness, ideal for those hospital areas
which have much wetter linen to deal with.

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Clothing heatseal labels

Ask us about our huge range of special labels all manufactured proudly in our Brisbane Production unit

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TCS Belting

Ask us about our groundbreaking TCS folder belting with its unique antistatic properties and  a breaking point and elastic recovery far greater than cotton along with an incredible range of specialist belts

Double Ply Cotton Breaking Strength
load KG/5cm
TCS Breaking Strength
load KG/5cm
Double Ply Cotton Elastic recovery
load KG/5cm
TCS Elastic recovery
load KG/5cm

Ironer Clothing and consumables

Ask us about our unique products which can improve the efficiency and down time of your ironers.

Felt and Sheeting

From Teflex to Hiperm all sorts of products to make your machine run more economically and more productively

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Tape and Wax

All types of tape, wax, scourers and conditioners for all types of ironers

Ironer Springs

Hard and soft , different heights and fitting service let us advise you what you require