Elastofab Labels (Packs of 50)

$33.00 Inc GST




 A new printable label that is super stretchy, strong and ideal for socks and any clothing items. Perfect for school uniforms or any situation where a small quantity of labels are required 

• Sticks on at a lower temperature to a commercial label, enabling adhesion with a household iron. 

• Totally washable and dryer proof. 

• We will preprint if requested. 

• Label size: 46 mm wide x 12 mm deep. 

• Printed in black. 

Packs of 50 Free postage normal Australian Post

Step 1
 Place sticky label on the garment
Writing side up.
Make sure it is a flat surface, avoid placing on rubber elastic or nylon
Step 2
Turn iron on to maximum temperature, and make sure steam is turned off.
Step 3
When the iron has heated up, place the garment on a flat hard surface with the label facing up, and place the protective square sheet provided over the top.
Press the iron down hard over the area where the label is and hold for 12 seconds.
Note: when placing the iron down, do not twist or glide, you must leave in the one position