The Ironer Safety Program

Personal Protection

Missing Belts

Moving Parts/Jamming

Wax and Taping

Emergency Stop Buttons

Drugs and Alcohol

Are you a new employee to the laundry Industry? or currently operating an ironer?

If you have answered yes to one or both of these questions then; this program is for you.


Step 1 - the Learning Website

If you need this in a different language click the language button to change at top of page.

There are a series of topics about Ironer Safety. Please start at the top and continue down until all topics have been completed.

Step 2 - the Movie

There is a movie for each topic. The Emergency Stop button is highlighted throughout the movie and buttons above movie need  to be clicked as required. Upon successful completion, a large tick will appear.

You can move on to the next topic at the end of each scene by clicking on the button again at top of movie.

Step 3 - the Quiz

This is a self marking quiz. A Certificate will be emailed to you  at the end if the student successfully completes the quiz.

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