Wax and Taping


If possible, ensure the vacuum / exhaust is turned off before feeding the wax cloth through the Ironer, when the waxing cloth comes out of the Ironer it is extremely hot, wear protective gloves to prevent injury and hang the cloth over a rail to cool; this will prevent spontaneous combustion occurring.


How to protect yourself

Wear protective gloves to prevent burn injuries

Turn the vacuum / exhaust off before feeding wax cloth through the ironer

Feed an old condemned sheet through the ironer following the wax cloth

Hang the hot wax cloth over a rail to cool down before folding, this will prevent fire caused by spontaneous combustion

Do Not

Do not, if possible, feed the wax cloth through with the fan/exhaust on

Do not handle hot cloth with your bare hands

Do not fold the wax cloth, and hang up after use


Feeding into an Ironer with missing tapes may cause jam-ups, you must move to a different lane until the tape is replaced and report the missing tape to your Supervisor.


How to protect yourself

Move to a different lane until the tapes can be replaced

Do Not

Do not feed in front of missing tapes, particularly on a laned ironer

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