Personal Protection

How to protect yourself

Long Hair Tied Back

Wear Hair net

Closed in flat shoes

Wear Gloves



Loose Clothing Is Dangerous

Loose clothing is a hazard when operating any machinery; especially a roller ironer, as it has moving parts that cause serious injury to a person.

When operating machinery, DO NOT wear:

Neck Ties

Loose Jewellery

Belt ties





Long hair not tied back

Removing clothing near an ironer

Loose Jewellery

These items are not to be worn when operating machinery:

Loose bracelets

Watch straps

Long chains

Bead type necklaces

Any item that can be caught in moving parts

Large rings

It is OK to wear:

Rings with flat bands

Medical alert bracelets and/or necklaces if they are restrained within clothing or within a wrist band so as not to cause injury.

Long Hair

Due to the hazards of moving parts on roller ironers it is important that hair longer than shoulder length must be restrained in an appropriate hair tie.

Long ribbons or accessories are not to be used to tie hair back.

In most laundries it is recommend that hats or hair nets be worn to restrain hair and for hygiene purposes. Customers do not want to find hairs in their linen, especially table linen.

Hot Objects

When catching folded linen from the back of the ironer, items may be hot and therefore gloves should be worn if required

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